Other Applications

Degasification/Deaeration Applications (click to learn more):

Decarbonation Systems for Deionized Water

Separation and Recovery in Process Streams

Deaerators for Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Waterflood

Deaerators for Boiler Feedwater

Degasifiers for Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR)


What Makes GasTran Technology Different?

GasTran Technology offers several core advantages versus traditional approaches to degasification, liquid/liquid combination, and gas/liquid mass transfer processes.

groundwater remediation systems, deaerators, CO2 removal, degasificationLab and Testing Capabilities

GasTran Systems realizes any capital investment in new equipment can be a difficult choice.  For a nominal fee, GasTran Systems can process small sample sizes at our laboratory in Cleveland, OH.  With the help of these tests, we can assist you in determining whether GasTran Systems are right for your application and what additional equipment may be required.  Please contact us to learn more about sample testing.






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